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How Much Does Travel Insurance Cost for 6 Months

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Deciding to travel abroad for an extended period can be an exciting and life-changing decision. Whether you plan to backpack across Europe, teach English in Asia, or just simply experience new cultures and destinations, having travel insurance during your journey can provide invaluable protection and peace of mind in case the unexpected occurs. But at what cost? When planning for a 6-month international trip or sabbatical, understanding the average cost and coverage options for half-a-year of travel medical insurance is a vital part of your pre-departure preparation and budget.

Travel Insurance Cost for 6 Months of Coverage

Single coverage travel insurance for half a year runs approximately $600 on average for a 35-year-old traveler. However, your personal quote can vary significantly depending on factors like your age, health history, chosen policy perks, and destination. Here is a comprehensive breakdown of what goes into a 6-month travel insurance policy and estimate:

Age of the Insured Traveller

Your age plays a major role in determining your travel insurance cost no matter if you purchase coverage for 6 months or 6 days. Insurance companies calculate risk based partially on age, with older travellers generally presenting higher risk and therefore paying higher premiums. For example, while base coverage may cost our 35-year-old roughly $600 for 6 months, a 60-year-old may pay closer to $1,500 for the same exact trip and policy. Make sure to be transparent with your birthdate when obtaining quotes.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Pre-existing medical conditions can cause travel insurance providers to increase policy pricing, deny coverage altogether, or exempt certain illnesses and situations from coverage. This is because pre-existing conditions often necessitate higher medical claims and expenses. If you have a pre-existing condition and require coverage for it, be prepared for premiums 15-30% higher or more compared to healthy individuals. Always disclose health history upfront.

Destination Region and Countries

Where on Earth do your travels take you over the next half-year? This matters for travel insurance costs. Providers designate countries and entire regions into risk categories ranging from low to extremely high. Destinations perceived as riskier or having poorer infrastructure and medical care typically warrant higher premiums to offset potential increases in claims. Expect to pay more for coverage in regions like Africa, certain Asian and Middle Eastern nations, and reduced costs in Europe, North America, Australia and such.

Chosen Policy Benefits and Coverage Upgrades

While all comprehensive travel medical insurance includes some level of basic emergency medical treatment, trip cancellation/interruption, and accident coverage, you can expand protection and perks through add-ons…for an additional cost of course. Common upgrades like extreme sports coverage, rental vehicle excess insurance, terrorism protection, and cancel anytime policies increase premium prices, whereas stripped-down, travel accident-only plans cost less. Factor desired benefits into quotes.

Insurer Reputation and Accreditation

When it comes to travel insurance, cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better. Reputable and financially sound companies with excellent customer service may come at a slightly higher initial cost. But save you immense time, money and frustration over subpar providers in the long run. From Ability Assist Travel Insurance to IMG Global Insurance. Industry veterans with appropriate accreditation and global networks should provide superior coverage and assistance. When you need it most for just a small premium difference.


While travel insurance for half a year or more can appear costly at first glance. Ranging anywhere from $300 to $1500+ depending on the policyholder. When considering the immense financial protection it provides during extended trips in addition to quintessential emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, and crisis response services. It becomes an invaluable investment over simply crossing your fingers. Comprehensive policies mitigate risk allowing peace-of-mind to embrace the magic of discovery wherever your 6-month journey may take you!

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