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How Much is Pet Insurance Per Month for a Cat?

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Cat owners are increasingly turning to pet insurance to protect themselves against the high costs of veterinary care. With advances in feline medicine steadily increasing healthcare costs, pet insurance can provide financial relief when illness or injury occurs. But how much does monthly pet insurance for cats really cost? This article will discuss typical monthly premiums, pricing factors, average costs, and tips for finding an affordable policy to meet your cat’s needs and budget. Real-life examples are also provided to demonstrate the true monthly insurance costs incurred by cat owners.

The Basics of Pet Insurance

Pet insurance works in the same way that human health insurance does. You pay a monthly premium, and when your pet needs medical attention, you file a claim to be reimbursed for all or a portion of the costs. Policies include deductibles, copays, and annual or lifetime benefit caps. In contrast to human insurance, pre-existing conditions are typically not covered. Private companies, rather than government programs, underwrite the majority of pet insurance policies. Plans are priced according to your cat’s age, breed, location, and desired level of coverage.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Cat Insurance

Several key factors determine how much you’ll pay each month for pet insurance for your cat:

  • Type of coverage – Plans with higher reimbursement levels, lower deductibles and more inclusions cost more. Comprehensive plans average $25-$45 per month, while accident-only plans average $10-$15 per month.
  • Deductible amount – Plans with lower deductibles have higher monthly premiums. A $100 deductible may add $5 per month versus a $500 deductible.
  • Reimbursement percentage – Plans reimbursing 90% of costs are pricier than those covering 70% of bills. An 80% plan averages $20 monthly while 90% costs $26.
  • Annual coverage limit – Lower caps can reduce premiums. A $5,000 limit may run $18 monthly, while $10,000 of coverage costs $25.
  • Your cat’s age – Premiums are higher for senior cats needing more veterinary care. Insurance for kittens costs $15-$20 a month, adults $20-$30, seniors $25-$50.
  • Breed – Some purebred cats prone to genetic conditions have pricier premiums. Siamese and Persians average $25-$35 monthly.
  • Location – Plans cost more in regions with higher veterinary costs. Urban areas like NYC average $30-$50 per month.
  • Insurer – Prices vary between providers. Geico, ASPCA, Embrace and Lemonade have competitive rates.

Average Monthly Costs of Cat Insurance

The average cost of pet insurance for cats ranges from $15-$50 per month according to Policygenius data. Most cat owners pay $20-$30 monthly.

The average cost breaks down by age:

  • Kittens (under 1 year) – $15-$20 per month
  • Adult cats (1-7 years) – $20-$30 per month
  • Senior cats (8+ years) – $25-$50 per month

For a healthy adult cat, average costs by type of coverage are:

  • Accident-only – $10-$15 per month
  • Accident & illness – $25-$35 per month
  • Comprehensive – $35-$45 per month

Tips for Finding Affordable Cat Insurance

Here are some tips to get quality pet insurance protection for your cat while minimizing your monthly costs:

  • Compare plans from multiple insurers to find the best rates. Quotes are free online.
  • Opt for a higher deductible like $500 to lower premiums. Pay smaller bills yourself.
  • Choose a lower 70-80% reimbursement level to save around 10% monthly.
  • Consider an accident-only plan for a generally healthy indoor cat.
  • Enroll young kittens early before pre-existing conditions apply. Rates rise with age.
  • Look for discounts like multi-pet, spayed/neutered or military.
  • Use wellness coverage sparingly as it adds cost but provides a limited benefit.
  • Set a sensible annual limit according to expected vet expenses.
  • Shop carefully during open enrollment periods when switching insurers.

Case Studies: Real-Life Experiences

To provide a better sense of real costs, here are two examples of cat owners with pet insurance and their typical monthly payments:

Case 1 – Healthy 3 year old tabby, indoor only

  • Accident & illness coverage
  • $500 deductible, 80% reimbursement
  • $7,000 annual limit
  • Monthly premium: $27

Pays around $325 per year, hasn’t filed any claims yet

Case 2 – 8 year old Siamese mix, previous urinary issues

  • Comprehensive coverage
  • $250 deductible, 90% reimbursement
  • $10,000 annual limit
  • Monthly premium: $48

Pays about $575 per year, submits 1-2 claims annually for check-ups and medications

As shown, even cats with the same plan can have very different premium costs based on risk factors like age and breed. Reviewing real scenarios helps make average monthly costs more concrete.


The monthly cost of cat insurance can vary greatly depending on your desired coverage, deductible, reimbursement levels, and the age and breed of your cat. While accident-only plans start at $10-$15 per month, comprehensive coverage for senior cats can cost more than $50 per month. However, the average cat owner pays between $20 and $30 per month. Pet insurance can provide peace of mind at an affordable price if you shop around, choose cost-effective options such as higher deductibles, and enroll your cat early. Examine your cat’s anticipated healthcare needs, compare provider pricing, and take advantage of available discounts to find a policy that works for both your cat and your budget.

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