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Taiwan Tech University is currently accepting applications for its ASUS Scholarship Program 2024. The ASUS Scholarship is a fantastic opportunity for international students to pursue a master’s degree and is being offered by ASUS in conjunction with Taiwan Tech University. It is a new initiative that will introduce international students to a brand new scholarship program. A scholarship from Taiwan that supports the pursuit of master’s degrees in fields. Such as information technology, electronics, or management aims to assist students wishing to pursue a master’s degree in these fields. In 2024, Taiwan Tech University Scholarships are an incredible opportunity for individuals to pursue higher education in Taiwan and begin their careers there.

Once an ASUS scholarship awardee has successfully completed their studies. They will be given the opportunity to start their careers by being offered a two-year employment opportunity at ASUS following their successful completion of their studies. In order to take advantage of this Taiwan scholarship 2024, you have to read the entire application before the deadline and apply by the deadline. As part of the ASUS Scholarship Program for Taiwan Tech, students are given generous financial assistance through this fully funded scholarship. The program includes a two-year master’s degree waiver for the students, a subsidy for the return tickets in economy class, as well as a monthly allowance for living expenses. Consequently, students do not have to worry about financial constraints and can easily study free in Taiwan. Furthermore, the ASUS Scholarship for Taiwan Tech is an excellent master’s scholarship. Check SBW Berlin Scholarship 2024-25 in Germany (Fully Funded)

It is important to note that ASUS Scholarship recipients will not only receive financial assistance. But they will also have the opportunity to participate in internship programs. Offered by ASUS and to receive relevant job training throughout the duration of the two-year master’s program. Consequently, the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology scholarship opportunity is an opportunity that you should not miss. The ASUS Scholarship is also an international scholarship that is offered in Taiwan in 2024. ASUS is a multinational company that is a leader in the global technology arena. Offering solutions that aim to enhance the lives of individuals. Everywhere by enriching their everyday experiences with their products. Considering that it is widely known in the technology industry. The ASUS and Taiwan Tech Scholarship is a fantastic scholarship that is available to students from around the world.

  • Country: Taiwan
  • Financial coverage: Fully funded.
  • Deadline: March 28, 2024

Would you like to study in Taiwan? If so, you must apply for the ASUS Scholarship Program for Taiwan Tech. Before you apply, make sure you go through the eligibility criteria and requirements below to ensure you meet all the requirements that are necessary for this scholarship in Taiwan.

  • Students from Hong Kong and Macao are also eligible to apply for the ASUS scholarship, which is open to all international students, including Overseas Chinese students.
  • A bachelor’s degree from an overseas university is required for applicants.
  • As part of the eligibility requirements, applicants must have completed their undergraduate studies in one of the following fields: Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Management, Design, or closely related fields.
  • A student who is already receiving other types of financial assistance from Taiwan Tech or the Taiwanese government is ineligible to apply for an ASUS Scholarship in Taiwan if they are already receiving other forms of financial assistance from them.
  • Also, applicants who are currently enrolled at Taiwan Tech and at a second institution in Taiwan or who are employed full-time in Taiwan or who are working part-time in Taiwan are also not eligible to apply for the program.

It is imperative that you carefully read the various benefits of the ASUS Taiwan Tech University Scholarship in 2024 and ensure that you meet the criteria and requirements for this fully funded scholarship in Taiwan.

  • As part of the scholarship, tuition fees will be waived for a maximum of two years of study, providing financial relief to the student.
  • For master’s students to be able to travel to Taiwan, a subsidy of up to NTD 60,000 will be provided for the return economy class airfare, thereby easing the financial burden of travel.
  • There is also an ASUS Scholarship at Taiwan Tech University that offers master’s students a monthly living allowance of NTD 12,000 per month for a maximum period of two years as part of the ASUS Scholarship Program.
  • There is also a subsidy of up to NTD 20,000 that is offered for Chinese language courses for each master’s student, which facilitates the process of learning Chinese in Taiwan.
  • It is required that students enroll in courses and show a minimum attendance rate of 80% in order to receive these benefits. This ensures that our students are committed to academic excellence.
  • As an ASUS scholarship recipient, you will have the opportunity to pursue a two-year position after you graduate, which will provide you with excellent employment opportunities, as well as practical experience in your field of study.
  • There is an excellent opportunity to study and live in Taiwan as a result of the Taiwan Tech University Scholarship 2024.
  • The curriculum vitae/resume of the candidate
  • Certificate of degree
  • Transcripts of academic records
  • Recommendation letter for employment
  • Would you like to know how you can apply for the ASUS Scholarship at Taiwan Tech University?
  • Visit the official application portal or click on the “apply now” button below to submit your application for the ASUS Scholarship Program 2024.
  • A student must also submit the application through the NTUST Scholarship application system in order to be considered for the NTUST Scholarship 2024.
  • It is also important to log on to the application system in order to select the desired master’s program.
  • Please carefully fill out the application form and submit the necessary documents as described above, along with the form.
  • It is important to gather the contact information of a referee in order to gather a recommendation letter.
  • Please be sure to pay the application fee (if applicable) and submit your application as soon as possible.
  • It is very important that you apply for the fall semester of 2024 before the deadline.
  • There is a deadline of 28 March 2024 for applicants to submit their ASUS Scholarship Program applications.


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