Deakin University Scholarships 2024-25 in Australia

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A Deakin University Scholarship program in Australia for the academic year 2024-25 is now open for applications. If you are an international student who is interested in studying for a master’s degree or a PhD degree at Deakin University in Australia, you are eligible to apply for these scholarship opportunities. There are two types of international scholarships offered by Deakin University to postgraduate students. There is one Research Training Program (RTP) and another one which is the Deakin University Postgraduate Research Scholarships (DUPR). These two scholarships are available to postgraduate students, both domestic and international, to help them experience the essence of Australian education and research at the postgraduate level. It is very important that you apply for the Deakin University Scholarships 2024 if you wish to pursue higher studies in Australia as an international student.

During the past few years, the Australian Government has made available the RTP scholarships for postgraduate students, while Deakin University has made available the Deakin University Postgraduate Research Scholarships (DUPR). Scholarships at Deakin University are fully funded scholarships that are available to international students. It is planned to offer the Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarships (RTP) to students who are top ranked and who demonstrate academic excellence in their studies. For international students who are interested in pursuing a postgraduate degree in Australia, there are postgraduate scholarships that are available for almost all courses and fields of study, so take the opportunity to apply today and experience the Australian culture while gaining valuable experience to become more proficient in the field you are studying. Visit the Courses link if you would like to learn more about the courses that are available. A student can apply for admission to this program at any time of year, using the online application form, which is open throughout the year. you can check:  The Danish Government Scholarship 2024 in Europe (Funded)

A Deakin scholarship for international students will provide a stipend of $34,400 per year, a relocation allowance of up to $1,500 (for singles and families) for students who are moving from anywhere in the world in order to attend Deakin, as well as an Overseas Student Health Coverage policy which is valid throughout the duration of the student visa for international students. There are a few requirements students must meet in order to qualify for this postgraduate scholarship in Australia. Among these requirements are excellent academic records, and they must also be eligible for the Australian Government Scholarship program. There are many public universities in Victoria, but Deakin University is one of them. The QS has awarded Deakin University with a five-star rating. There is no doubt that Deakin University is one of the best universities in Australia due to its high academic standing and excellent teaching quality. This is a good opportunity for you to apply for the Deakin University Scholarships for Postgraduate Studies, so don’t miss out on it.

There are several fields eligible for the Deakin University HDR Scholarships, including the following:

  • Faculty of Health
  • Education and Arts Faculty
  • Law and Business Faculty
  • Engineering, Science, and Built Environment Faculty
  • Materials Frontier Institute
  • Research and innovation in intelligent systems
  • Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Doctoral degree duration:

  • A stipend is paid for 3 years, and tuition fees are offset for 4 years.

Research Master’s Degree Duration:

  • There will be a two-year stipend and a two-year offset for tuition fees during the two years.
  • Country: Australia
  • Financial coverage: Fully funded.

Do you want to study in Australia if you are interested in doing so? Would you consider applying for the Deakin University Scholarship for international students? Wouldn’t it be great if you could give it a try? The Australian government scholarship application process is highly competitive, so before you visit the official website and fill out the application, take the time to check the eligibility criteria to ensure you are eligible. also apply for this: University of Montreal Scholarships 2024 in Canada (Funded)

  • Both domestic and international students are eligible to apply for the program.
  • There is a requirement that the student is enrolled in an HDR course at Deakin University in order to receive this award.
  • It should also be noted that applicants must not be receiving any other scholarship or award from the Commonwealth or its equivalent.
  • There is more information about the requirements and the pathways for entry to the research degree entry pathway on the research degree entry pathway page.

As a full-funding scholarship, the Deakin University Scholarship covers all costs associated with being an international student at Deakin University. There are generally a number of benefits offered by Deakin University Scholarships. Students have the opportunity to receive a fully funded scholarship from the Australian government through this scholarship program.

  • International and interstate students are offered a relocation allowance ranging from $500 to $1,500 (for single students to families).
  • There will be a tuition fee waiver for the duration of the scholarship.
  • The students will receive a stipend of about $400 per month. $34,400/year.
  • International students can take advantage of Overseas Student Health Cover as part of their education.
  • With the help of a scholarship, you can study in Australia. 
  • Curriculum vitae or resume.
  • Transcripts of academic records.
  • A previous degree in research.
  • Proficiency in English.
  • Proposal for research.
  • A copy of your identification and proof of citizenship.
  • Information about publications.
  • Reports from two referees.
  • Expression of interest (EOI) letter.
  • The program requires other documents.
  • Click here for details on the required documents. 
  • If you would like to apply for the Australian scholarship, you need to follow the steps below.
  • All entry requirements must be checked by applicants before applying.
  • Applicants must meet the entry requirements for the research degree program before they are able to begin the application process. 
  • The applicant must first find an ideal research supervisor in their field and get in touch with them to discuss their research interests and the supervision opportunities available to them in their field before submitting an application. If you are looking for a research supervisor, you can find one here.
  • A referee report must be arranged from a current or previous lecturer, current or former employer, or current or former academic supervisor who can provide an insight into the applicant’s potential and expertise in research. Click here to find out more.
  • An outline of the proposed research topic must be provided by the applicant. Here is a link that gives you more information about the research proposal.
  • In order to apply for this position, you must prepare the required documents and information. You can check the details about the documents you need to support your application by visiting this link.
  • To conclude, applications for higher degree research are to be submitted online via the Higher Degree Research Application Form.
  • A complete answer must be given to each question in the online application, as well as attachments of all requested documents. 

You can apply for a scholarship from Deakin University 2024 at any time throughout the year. 

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