University of Montreal Scholarships 2024 in Canada (Funded)

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A unique opportunity exists for students in Canada to pursue their academic dreams with the University of Montreal Scholarships 2024 in Canada. In order to attract and support outstanding individuals from all around the world, these prestigious scholarships have been established. The University of Montreal places an emphasis on academic excellence, which is why it offers a wide variety of scholarships in a wide variety of disciplines to ensure that students with varied interests and backgrounds are able to find the funding they need for their studies. The University of Montreal Scholarships 2024 can provide you with the financial support you need to pursue a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree that will enable you to reach your academic goals.

The University of Montreal is one of Canada’s oldest and most prestigious universities, and one of its key priorities is the nurturing of the brightest minds and the development of a global learning community. By offering generous financial assistance to deserving students, the Scholarships 2024 program reflects the commitment of the Government to students in need. As a result of the university giving scholarships based on merit, the university aims to recognize and reward outstanding academic achievement and achievement in the classroom.

This scholarship program not only provides financial support to students, but it also opens up doors to world-class educations and countless career opportunities for students to develop themselves professionally and personally. The university has a diverse academic program, as well as cutting-edge research facilities that allow it to offer students a stimulating learning environment that allows them to thrive in their studies. There are many benefits that students gain when they apply for Scholarships 2024, such as access to a diverse community of professors, industry contacts, and an active campus life. The Scholarships 2024 are a fantastic opportunity for you to invest in your future by taking advantage of the opportunity to study at the University of Montreal and embark on a transformative educational journey in Canada.

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  • Scholarship Host Country: Canada
  • University: Université de Montréal
  • Course Level: Undergraduate, Master, PhD
  • Eligibility: All nationalities.

Undergraduate programs:

  • Level A: This program has a cost of $12,951.76 per year (two sessions, equivalent to 30 credits), or $6,475.88 per session (15 credits), or $431.73 per credit, which represents an annual cost of $12,951.76.
  • Level B: There is a fee of $6,172.60 per year (2 sessions, equal to 30 credits), or $3,086.30 per session (15 credits), or $205.75 per credit hour for those that have higher qualifications.
  • Level C: A charge of $2,159.15 per year for 2 sessions, equivalent to 30 credits, or $1,079.57 per session for 15 credits, or $71.97 per credit for a monthly payment plan


  • Non-research: For non-research work, the fee is $10,046.35 per year (3 sessions, equivalent to 45 credits). For research work, the fee is $3,348.78 per session (equivalent to 15 credits), or $223.25 per credit.
  • Research: The costs of research are $10,169.68 per year (3 sessions, equivalent to 45 credits) or $3,389.89 per session (equivalent to 15 credits) or $225.99 each credit.


  • $21,593.35 per year (3 sessions, equivalent to 45 credits) or $7,197.78 per session (equivalent to 15 credits) or $479.85 per credit
  • The applicants must be international students in order to be considered.
  • It is a requirement that all applicants hold a valid study permit, and they must not be a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada.
  • All applicants are required to be enrolled full-time in a study program during their entire study period at the University of Montréal in order to qualify.
  • An applicant should have an outstanding academic record, as well as an academic background that is strong.

In order to apply for the University of Montreal Scholarships 2024 in Canada for International Students, the deadline for submission of applications is the 1st September 2024.

  • National Identity Card or Passport: A valid national identity card or passport is required for identification and for the verification of nationality.
  • Official academic transcripts: Official transcripts should be submitted as part of the application process to demonstrate your academic achievements.
  • Updated CV: Make sure to provide an updated curriculum vitae that highlights your educational background, work experience, and relevant accomplishments.
  • Letters of recommendation: It is important to obtain at least one letter of recommendation that assesses your academic abilities and character.
  • Motivation Letter for Scholarship: You should write a persuasive letter explaining the reasons behind applying, the educational goals and how the scholarship fits in with your goals.
  • English Language Proficiency: Ability to demonstrate proficiency in English through standardized tests or prior training in the language.
  • Additional documents: It is important to check the scholarship requirements to see if additional documents are needed.

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to apply for the University of Montreal Scholarships 2024 in Canada:

  1. If you would like to find out more about the various scholarships offered by the University of Montreal for the academic year 2024, please visit the University of Montreal’s official website or scholarship portal.
  2. The required documents should be gathered, such as transcripts, CVs, recommendation letters, motivation letters, and proof of language proficiency.
  3. Provide all the necessary information on the scholarship application form and make sure that the information is filled out accurately.
  4. The letter should be crafted in a compelling manner that highlights your goals and why you are an ideal candidate for the scholarship.
  5. You will need to submit your completed application along with the required documents by the specified method (email or a portal).
  6. It is important that you remain on top of the application deadlines and any correspondence from the scholarship committee.


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