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There is a fully funded scholarship program for international students available through the Swedish Institute for the academic year 2024-2025. The program is one of the most competitive and highly ranked scholarships in the world. For international students, the fully funded scholarships will allow them to study full-time at the Swedish Institute and pursue a master’s degree. There is an excellent opportunity for young people to experience higher education in Sweden through the Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals 2024. SI Scholarship for Global Professionals provides a great opportunity to train future leaders with professionalism as well as contribute to the development of a positive, sustainable, and global future.

It is our intention to train future global leaders to contribute to the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by offering SI scholarship 2024-2025. The SI scholarship will positively impact all international students due to its hospitable culture. To apply for the Master’s Scholarship, students must have an understanding of how they will contribute to sustainability in their home countries that they wish to apply for. The Swedish Scholarship 2024 will be awarding 350 scholarships to international students under the fully funded Swedish Institute Scholarships 2024 program to international students. Scholarships in SI are designed for ambitious professionals who wish to make a positive contribution to sustainable development projects through their knowledge, motivation, and experience. There will be a priority given to select areas of study.

SI Scholarship for Global Professionals is a scholarship that is offered by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support talented and goal-oriented professionals with leadership qualities. Young professionals will have first-hand experience in innovation, sustainability, and equality thanks to the fully funded scholarships in Europe. In addition, the scholarship provides a chance for them to become experts in relevant fields and enables them to gain expertise that is useful in influencing the world. There will be a fully funded SI scholarship 2024 in Sweden that will be aimed at promoting international exchange, building partnerships and networks, and supporting global professionals so that they can contribute to the sustainability of the world.

In order to select the most qualified and outstanding students to pursue higher education in Europe, the Swedish Institute Scholarship 2024-2025 is a government-funded scholarship. A fully funded scholarship is only offered to international students wishing to pursue a full-time master’s degree program for up to two years. The Swedish Institutes Scholarship offers 600 master’s programs in the top institutes around the world. It is important to note that the funding will not be extended beyond the duration of the Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals (SISGP) 2024-2025. It is also important to note that this scholarship in Europe is intended for students who have the potential to be leaders and who are willing to serve sustainable development goals and contribute to the development of their community.

A Swedish scholarship will cover tuition fees and medical insurance for international students for the duration of the master’s program, as well as contributing to the living expenses for students. Three hundred fifty scholarships will be awarded under the Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals to international students and each successful candidate will receive a membership in the Swedish Institute Network for Future Global Leaders. Furthermore, the Swedish Institute Scholarship in Sweden is a program which will allow students to develop leadership skills and professional skills. The Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs funds these scholarships, so don’t miss this great opportunity. It is possible to obtain a fully funded scholarship in Sweden and pursue a master’s degree in Sweden if you apply now.

You can find a list of the eligible master’s programs for the SI Scholarship for Global Professionals 2024-2025, click here.

· Country: Sweden

· Financial coverage: Fully Funded

· Deadline: February 28, 2024

As a part of the SI scholarships the following countries are eligible , Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Cameroon, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Gambia, Honduras, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Liberia, Moldova, Malawi, Morocco, Myanmar (Burma), Nigeria, Nepal, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Rwanda, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Ukraine, Uganda, Vietnam, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Georgia, Guatemala.

Applicants who want to study in Sweden for free should take advantage of this chance and apply for the SI scholarship for the master’s program. It is important that you check the eligibility criteria and requirements before applying for this SI Scholarship 2024 in Sweden, as it is a highly competitive scholarship.

  • All applicants must be citizens of one of the countries listed above in order to qualify for the program.
  • The students should be enrolled at a Swedish University under a master’s program that is eligible for a SI scholarship.
  • It is also important to note that to be eligible to receive the SI Scholarship for Global Professionals, applicants must have demonstrated work experience and have completed a minimum of 3000 hours of work experience in the field of study.
  • An applicant must be able to demonstrate leadership skills as well as experience in the field.
  • It is imperative that students are physically and mentally fit.
  • Applicants for the Swedish Institute Scholarships must be citizens of one of the eligible countries.

For international students who wish to study in Europe, the SI Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship that covers all the expenses associated with studying there. Therefore, you are encouraged to apply for a Swedish Institute scholarship in the 2024-2025 year. In the following paragraphs, we will provide you with details about the scholarship’s benefits and financial coverage.

  • The SI scholarship in Sweden 2024 will cover the full cost of the tuition fee waiver.
  • SISGP (2024-25) provides medical insurance as part of the Swedish Institute Scholarship.
  • The awardees will be provided with SEK 12,000 per month as living expenses as part of the award.
  • There will be a further SEK 15,000 provided as a traveling grant, however, for scholars from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Turkey, and Ukraine, there will be an amount of SEK 10,000 provided as an additional scholarship. This will not be repeated on multiple occasions, as it applies only to international students.
  • The Swedish Institute SI Alumni Network will be available to awardees after they graduate from the program.
  • SI Scholars will also receive a membership in the SI Network for Future Global Professionals (NFGP).
  • There is an opportunity to study for free in one of the European countries with the SI Global scholarship.
  • Moreover, it is a unique opportunity to get to know the culture of Europe and live in Sweden for a while.

If you are interested in applying for the Swedish Government Scholarships 2024 you will be required to meet the following requirements:

  • CV
  • Motivation letter
  • Reference letter
  • Copy of the applicant’s passport / ID card
  • Proof of leadership and work experience
  • Applicants for the SI Scholarships for Global Professionals will be able to apply online by clicking the Apply Now button and following the steps below to complete your application.
  • The first step for applicants is to apply for the university’s master’s program between 16 October 2023 and 15 January 2024, and then they can choose from four of the top five SI scholarship-eligible programs available to them.
  • It is possible for them to submit their admission applications online at the University Admission Portal if they wish to do so.
  • It is important for applicants to save their application number for the SI scholarship application after they submit an application for the master’s program.
  • Applicants are required to apply separately for SI scholarships once they have completed their admission application in order to be considered.
  • Swedish Institute Scholarships 2024 will be open to international students between 12 February 2024 and 28 February 2024 for those who wish to apply.
  • The Swedish Institute Scholarship for Global Professional Program 2024 is now open for applications, so let’s get started.
  • Applicants are required to submit all the supporting documents and application fee before the deadline for the SI Scholarships.
  • There must be accurate information in the application.
  • Those who have been accepted to a university will be notified about the admission decision by 21 March 2024; only those who have been accepted will be considered for the fully funded Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals.
  • There will be a notification via e-mail to all those who are selected for a scholarship between March and April 2024 if they are selected for one.
  • There is a deadline for applying for university admission that must be met, otherwise an applicant will not be eligible for the scholarship. Ensure that everything is in order before the deadline, as the application period is only for a few days.

is important to note that the deadline for applying for the Swedish Institute Scholarship for Global Professionals (SISGP) 2024 is 28 February


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